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Jan 14 2019

Next Generation Women Leaders Award

The Next Generation Women Leaders award is a scholarship designed to recognize talent and support students who would like to maximize their own potential.

Recipients will be awarded:

  • a scholarship of 2,000 Euros (or its equivalent in a local currency) towards the cost of tuition, summer employment, volunteer work, research, or any other initiative supporting your academic and/or professional development
  • individual mentorship from McKinsey consultants to support you as you consider your academic trajectory and career aspiration
  • an invitation to a local McKinsey event or an office visit

You can apply for the Next Generation Women Leaders award here by filling out the form and attaching your cover letter, CV and academic transcripts

The application deadline for the award is January 14, 2019.

May 02 2019
May 05 2019

Spend a weekend at a luxury villa in Spain: Chart your personal development path

May 02 – May 05
Join our personal development program built on cutting-edge McKinsey leadership training. The program consists of three workshops.

Throughout the program, we will bring you into an environment of support, where you will spend a long weekend with us in Spain. Here, we will share our experiences and explore how you can define and accelerate your unique personal development path towards the first steps of your professional career.

At McKinsey, we are committed to providing an environment in which people grow and learn – through support and knowledge-sharing between peers, mentors, and role models.

These are all essential elements in the journey of becoming a successful management consultant – and a successful professional, in general.

The program consists of three workshops led by experts and McKinsey consultants:
  • Pre-event workshop in our Copenhagen office
  • May 2-5, 2019: Main event workshop weekend in Girona, Spain
  • Post-event workshop in our Copenhagen office
We believe that it takes time and iteration to develop, which is why our program is split into three workshops. The first workshop will kick-start the program, followed by the main event –a long weekend at a villa in Spain, focused on exploring and maximizing your personal development. Here, we will share our learning paths (including our failures and successes) and support you in charting your own personal development path. The third and final workshop will capture learning and thoughts from the main workshop weekend, making sure your path is clear, actionable, and right for you.

Apply now!
We want to take this journey with you please apply here before March 25, 2019 by sending us your CV, grade transcripts, and a short essay on your personal development goals (half page). The program has very limited seats and is open to students from all universities in Denmark on their third semester of bachelor and onwards.

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