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Engagement Manager, Copenhagen

I still have the feeling that each Friday afternoon I can look back at a week where I will have learned something new.

Curious by nature

Since I was a child, I have always been very interested in technology and figuring out how things work. I was the kind of child that would spend hours disassembling old-school transistor radios and trying to put them back together. In some ways, I still use this approach today. As a management consultant, my work often requires me to disassemble a complex problem, figure out what is important, and then reassemble it in new ways to find the right solution.

I have always been curious by nature, and I still carry this part of me across many of the projects I have worked on. For instance, when my team utilized advanced analytics for a major energy provider, my curiosity was one of the things that allowed me to really make a difference, as it drove me to understand the complexity of such a company.

Regardless of your background, there’s room for you

I think more people should consider management consulting as a relevant career path when they come from a technical background. There is a strong link between the methodology of the work I do as a consultant and what I did in my studies and PhD. For instance, as my first engagement manager told me, “In the field of physics, you would not begin a new experiment without having first defined a clear hypothesis.” At McKinsey, we do not start a new analysis without hypothesizing a number of outcomes.

With a technical background, you benefit from having a keen familiarity with numbers and an analytical approach to understanding and visualizing data. The way we work at McKinsey means that we can often see the impact of our analysis very quickly, which is helpful when you are learning to work with new approaches and resources.

No matter where you come from, newcomers will always feel that there are some areas where they feel more at home and other areas where you will lean on your colleagues a bit more. However, even after having been here for almost 3 years, I still have the feeling that each Friday afternoon I can look back at a week where I will have learned something new—either about myself, about a specific industry, or something else. That continuous learning is something I really appreciate.


University of Copenhagen
PhD; MSc; BSc, physics