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Partner, Copenhagen

Leadership is 100% about people, and a good leader can inspire and motivate the people around her.


My background is in design and mechanical engineering, so after joining McKinsey as a generalist, it felt natural to transition into the world of digital and technology. During my first year, I travelled extensively with Digital McKinsey and worked with clients in the US, South East Asia, Australia, Iceland, and in Denmark to achieve digital reinvention for my clients. The point where strategy meets technology has been the cornerstone of much of my work, and it has been incredibly exciting to be part of some very complex and impactful transformations. Going digital is really as much transitioning to a new cultural mindset, as it is introducing new solutions.


The day you start in McKinsey, you step into a leadership role. To me, that means learning to set a strong vision and then tackling all obstacles that stand in the way. Leadership is 100% about people, and a good leader can inspire and motivate the people around her. It means being able to think both short-term and long-term, strategically and operationally at the same time.


“How do you get two competing telecommunications companies to work together, and figure out where it makes the most sense to build the first kilometer of fiber optic cable?”

This was the question I was trying to answer during one of my first projects. The two companies had tried unsuccessfully for years to find an optimal solution, but their rivalry kept them from really working together. This meant my work was divided between advanced modelling, trying to analyze every technical and financial detail of the shared network, and on other days, I was planning soccer matches between the two companies to foster a sense of bonding and team spirit. It was a nice mix of technical and human problem solving.


Technical University of Denmark
MSc, engineering, design and innovation