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Engagement Manager, Copenhagen

We become experts in building capabilities—for ourselves, our colleagues, and our clients.

An Entrepreneurial Approach

After having worked as a lawyer for four years, I decided to pursue an MBA with the idea of ultimately starting my own company. However, during my studies, I met a lot of current and former McKinsey employees who described the entrepreneurial nature of their consulting roles. I realized that the things I wanted to experience as an entrepreneur were in fact much akin to the work we do as management consultants. For instance, taking ownership of solutions from day one and working with small teams of highly motivated and talented colleagues to solve complex problems in new and innovative ways are fundamental to the daily work we do at McKinsey.

Every time we set out to help a new client, the process is entrepreneurial in nature. Not only do we help our clients set up new initiatives and projects, we also work with them to shape new visions for the future and take them each step of the way to realize their goals and aspirations. This is why I love coming to work every day.

Personal-Development Mastery

I have been surprised to experience how global and market-spanning a career at McKinsey can be. In just ten months, I have worked on projects all over Europe in industries ranging from private equity and banking to energy utilities and more.

As a lawyer, there is a lot of focus on professional specialisms, as you accumulate deep expertise knowledge on a particular topic. At McKinsey, I experience the opposite. Instead of becoming an expert in one field, you are encouraged to work across a plethora of industries and topics. McKinsey has a strong focus on personal development and allows you to build the toolbox necessary to analyze and understand any given client’s situation in an efficient and effective way. This personal skill set is what allows us to deliver impact through effective leadership and problem solving. We become experts in building capabilities—for ourselves, our colleagues, and our clients. These skills transfer across industries and practices and the knowledge you obtain is timeless, with countless applications.


London Business School

University of Copenhagen