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Business Analyst, Copenhagen

I think it is supersatisfying to set a client up for success.

Consultancy Truths And Myths

Initially, I was not very interested in a job within the consulting world. It seemed conservative, and I could not identify myself with following the typical path for a business student. However, during my internship at McKinsey, I realized that management consulting was different from what I had expected. I was inspired by experiencing how each consultant formed an authentic and strong relationship with members of the client team. The actual impact that a McKinsey team delivers is created in collaboration with both our consultants and the client we serve. I enjoyed that process, and working alongside inspiring, candid, and smart people from various backgrounds cemented my belief that McKinsey was a great fit for me.

Before I started, I thought that you could not bring your true self to work and, that over time, you would be molded into a classic, stereotype-riddled business consultant. Instead, I found that there is no typical, one-size-fits-all consultant at McKinsey. We all have different backgrounds, skills, and interests. It sounds cliché, but McKinsey really allows you to improve and develop your skills, rather than trying to fit the shoes of a hypothetical McKinsey template. Even if you do not think McKinsey is the right choice, you can shape it into exactly what you need it to be in order to grow.

Being Purpose Driven

To me, being purpose driven can be understood as two things. One is high level and means working on creating sustainable and lasting improvements to our clients, our work processes, and ultimately, society. The other is working on changes here and now. For instance, during my projects, I enjoy contributing to my team’s well-being and development by being open and sharing with my colleagues. In return, I get to develop relationships that last beyond the projects we work on. The same goes for working with our clients by helping them deliver solutions. I think it is supersatisfying to set a client up for success by codeveloping a top-notch analysis or by deriving helpful insights that can be used in the specific tasks it faces right now—but also by thinking long term.


Copenhagen Business School
BSc, international business