I am able to explore and build competencies across many different areas of interest.

There are three reasons why I felt McKinsey was the right match for me, and my experience is living up to my expectations:

  • First, I appreciate the diversity, with respect to both people and types of projects—working with colleagues from a range of backgrounds and cultures attracted me professionally and personally, and having the option to work on a wide variety of topics is distinctive.
  • Second, people here are unique—we have the same drive and enthusiasm for our work, and I find people to be intelligent and inspirational.
  • Third, I knew I would have the opportunity to travel around the globe to work on different projects alongside senior leadership.

Exploring different options

I did not know exactly what I wanted to do, and so I saw this as a unique opportunity to explore different areas of interest before deciding. When I joined McKinsey, and started meeting exciting people from around the globe, my world instantly expanded. As a new associate, I am able to explore and build competencies across many interests. For example, in the future, I’ll be able to say I helped a global company through a complex reorganization early in my career. I have gained tremendous experience in that way.

Building experience and knowledge to help others

When you are as curious about the world and relentlessly driven as I am, the workday can be quite intense. I tend to do many other things than just project-related work. For example, I am currently responsible for coordinating an elective course we are teaching at my old school, Copenhagen Business School. I view this as a great opportunity to give something back and share knowledge that I needed when I was a student. I am also contributing articles and other knowledge documents to our internal and ever expanding knowledge repository. I am passionate about sharing knowledge and helping others both inside and outside the firm.

My greatest challenge is trying to hold back a bit and pace myself. As in all other aspects of life, the more I invest the more fun it gets. However, you quickly learn that building a career at McKinsey is a marathon and not a sprint. In the beginning, I assumed I’d only have one shot at a great opportunity at any given time. Now I know that that’s not true. Rather, I can choose to work on a couple of things I am passionate about, and when I’m done, amazing new possibilities will always be waiting.


Copenhagen Business School
MSc, accounting and finance

Copenhagen Business School
BSc, economics and business administration