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Engagement Manager

What I value most is the incredible diversity of the people who work here.

My colleagues impress me with their professional and personal experiences. Behind the problem solvers and client team leaders, you will find scientists, explorers, philosophers, dancers. This diversity not only makes my work more exciting, but it also means that I am always learning.

Find your passion, follow it with McKinsey

A cornerstone of McKinsey’s culture is the concept of “making your own McKinsey,” which emphasizes the importance of people making their role at the firm align with their passions and goals.

When I joined the Denmark office as an electrical engineer I was unsure if I would be able to make my own McKinsey. For example, when I was contemplating whether or not I should contact a partner about an exciting project in Taipei, focused on my area of expertise, I received incredible support from my colleagues. Moreover, the partner running the project appreciated my enthusiasm and helped put me in touch with other colleagues doing similar projects. As a result, I am now part of groups and forums that allow me to keep up with and be involved in McKinsey activities that are centered on my particular interests.

My colleagues have played a vital role in my professional or personal growth

Support from others and the collaborative environment at McKinsey has been a vital element of my professional progression. So much of our work is done in a team environment, and as a result, people are dedicated to making sure that there is good communication across the board and that everyone is supported. There is a strong conviction at the firm that, no matter whether you are the coach or you are being coached, you are gaining new knowledge and experience.


MSc, electrical engineering