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Engagement Manager, Copenhagen

You are always being challenged and growing.

Responsibility From Day One

When I first started, I remember being surprised at how quickly you are given real responsibility. At first, it can seem daunting to have one-to-one meetings with senior management, but eventually, you become a natural at presenting to clients. McKinsey puts a lot of effort into preparing new hires for these kinds of tasks. For instance, during my first assignment, the project leader of my team continually prioritized preparing me and making me feel as comfortable as possible. You never feel abandoned, but you are always being challenged and growing.

Management consulting is the right choice for me, because I love to get continuously challenged with new and exciting tasks while working with some of the brightest minds from around the world. Here, I get to experience working in different industries and in different functions. Even though you often have to reacclimate yourself with new terminology and industry-specific knowledge, you gain a wide perspective on problem solving that can be used in many situations. For instance, after having helped to optimize the supply chain of an advanced-machinery company, I was able to utilize a lot of the same methods to assist a packaged-goods client enhance its production network.

McKinsey Mentorship

Some of my proudest moments during my tenure include the first time I was allocated my own workstream, had my first one-on-one meeting with a senior client, and was asked to mentor an intern who had recently joined the firm. It is both a huge responsibility and a great joy to help ensure someone else feels welcomed, feels challenged, and has a great experience overall. To me, being a successful mentor at McKinsey means that the mentee should feel at ease. People who thrive and feel included are usually also the ones who contribute the most.


Copenhagen Business School
MS, applied economics
CEMS Master, international management
BS, business administration and economics