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Engagement Manager, Copenhagen

We are always checking in with each other and discussing how things are going.

A Strong Feedback Culture

I became interested in a career at McKinsey for three reasons. First, due to the project-based nature of our work, you get to experience different industries, topics, clients, and challenges. This is a great fit for someone who is naturally curious, like me. Second, our work is always done in collaboration—and stronger for it. Before starting at McKinsey, I was working toward my PhD and I often missed having spur-of-the-moment discussions and sparring. Here, I’m always around people who are eager to give feedback. Finally, the people I met during my interview process made me feel very comfortable. I quickly realized that I was joining a company of very skilled, but also friendly, accommodating, and talkative people.

Since joining, I have realized what it means to have a strong feedback culture. We are always checking in with each other and discussing how things are going. It is quite different than what I have known before (as mentioned, studying toward a PhD can be a solitary experience), but if you go in with an open mind, you will quickly adapt and reap the benefits of getting supportive and constructive feedback on a daily basis.

A Scientific Approach

I’m sometimes asked if my work as a management consultant is completely different from my background in science. The truth is that there are quite a lot of similarities between the two worlds. For instance, the methodology is similar. Simply put, a PhD is often concerned around a question you want to find an answer to. You identify a series of hypotheses, and then you research and test your way to an answer. In a way that’s exactly how we work at McKinsey.


Aarhus University
PhD, MSc, and BSc, nanoscience