I started my career at McKinsey as a student assistant; the firm’s social aspect is one of the things that has kept me here since

The people here are the core of the organization

For me, my colleagues are the most important part of why I enjoy my job. From day one when I started as a student assistant, I always felt welcomed and valued, and it quickly became clear that there exists a strong sense of family at McKinsey. This was also the main reason why I chose to apply for a full-time position when I had to leave the job as a student assistant to study in London. The exciting work and steep learning curve of course played a role, but my main gut feeling told me that I would miss the people—therefore, I decided to apply, even before I ended my student-assistant career.

It’s great to see that the social aspect is not only valued but actually encouraged and prioritized by the firm. A lot of time and resources are allocated to creating events, clubs, and activities—and I enjoy playing a leading role in our social committee. People here are in many ways very different, but it seems to me that we all share a genuine wish to get to know each other and spend time together—also outside of work.

Professional and personal growth

I don’t think I’ve ever been in a place before where I learn so many new things in such a short amount of time—and where you can truly see your development from week to week. Going in, I expected to get a better grasp of the different industries that I would be working in as well as topics I did not know much about beforehand—like corporate finance, for example. I also expected to learn the basic consulting skills such as how to problem solve effectively, generate ideas, and propose solutions. I was happy to learn that McKinsey could also help me develop many personal skills such as building confidence to speak with senior clients as peers and presenting in larger crowds.

In the beginning, I approached most things just as I did at university: I stuck to the clear-cut data, analyzed everything down to the smallest detail, and only then did I feel comfortable drawing conclusions. The real world, however, is more abstract. At McKinsey, I have learned to build and iterate a hypothesis along the way, to read more between the lines, and to not only draw conclusions but also to understand and build on the implications of these.

Always co-creating solutions with clients

Not long ago, I spent two months on a recovery-and-transformation project in Australia. Even though I was working with large-scale decisions that would affect the organization as a whole, I still operated on the ground, so to speak. My team and I spent a lot of time working closely with representatives from all levels in the organization, and we all became one cohesive unit: clients and consultants.

It was evident that the strong team feeling we created together across the McKinsey and client teams really helped the transformation come together as a whole. It was also pretty amazing to spend two months in sunny Australia!


London School of Economics
MSc, international health economics

University of Copenhagen
MSc, economics (cand.polit)