Leading in a disruptive world: How companies are reinventing themselves
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Leading in a disruptive world

A compendium of digital change

Embracing technology and high-paced innovation is critical for companies to keep succeeding in disruptive times. We call it Technology Enabled Transformation and it’s a top management issue! This compendium aims to shape the debate and help decision-makers with perspectives on what is happening in the different industries and business functions.
The subject of digitalization continues to keep us in suspense. By now, it is evident to all company managers: The business world of today is characterized by disruption, nothing stays the same. And the pace is increasing constantly. Artificial intelligence is causing a break with the familiar, turning entire value chains upside down. New, innovative business models are arising everywhere. Established companies are forced to reinvent themselves. We are convinced that what you need is Technology Enabled Transformation, to enable you to systematically utilize the benefits of the new technologies and navigate successfully through a world that is currently undergoing radical change.