Competitiveness and Digitalization of the Czech Economy

Presentation for the Forbes conference “Česko, jak jsme na tom?”
Digitalization can be viewed as an opportunity to double the current productivity growth in the Czech Republic, but also as a force that can automate 1.1 million jobs in the country. These are the key findings of the analysis on competitiveness and digitalization presented by Daniel Svoboda, Managing Partner of McKinsey Prague Office, at the conference “Česko, jak jsme na tom?”organized by Forbes Česko on October 9, 2018. The presentation has ignited a joint discussion between business and the public sector about best ways to capitalize on digitalization trends including shifting the structure of the economy toward higher value add jobs and overall productivity.

The presented analysis follows on our previous report Digital Czech Republic: How we grow. In this report we presented digitalization potential to close the gap in labor productivity between Czech Republic and Western Europe and described specific opportunities and challenges of digitalization in eight sectors, such as telecommunications or retail.

Download the report (PDF-3MB)

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