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Petra Kummerová

Data Scientist

About Petra

I started with McKinsey in 2016, joining the newly-emerging product insights team as a data scientist. Our team continues to grow as we dig out data from across the IT organization to create sophisticated visual analyses. We help product teams and leadership better understand their users, facilitating data-driven decisions about our products. In my role, I work closely with the knowledge portfolio and, thanks to the great support of the portfolio leads, I have enjoyed conducting many experiments in big data, machine learning, deep learning and general AI that have helped us enhance products faster, while achieving higher user satisfaction. I believe that data helps us discover hidden features in everything we do.

Before McKinsey, I worked in advanced analytics for more than five years. My experience spans management consulting, private investment banking, and the European Central Bank. This wide range of industries has allowed me to broaden my understanding of different businesses and technical applications.

Some of my best moments at McKinsey include travelling to training and workshops in Europe and the United States, but it is people I value the most here. My colleagues provide enormous support along with a hunger for new ideas to create more and more value for the firm. McKinsey, as a truly global company, offers interactions with colleagues from every corner of the world, and it is always a pleasure to meet them personally. At work, I appreciate the friendly environment and fascinating projects. At McKinsey, I have it all.