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Peter Žalman

Senior Product Design Manager

About Peter

I started at McKinsey as a UX design lead in 2017, working on delivering world-class services to our firm colleagues. I have more than 10 years of experience in the software industry, but I initially graduated as a structural design engineer, with a passion for software used to analyze and design buildings. My goal here at McKinsey is to bring customer-level UX into professional and enterprise applications. I am a certified product owner (Scrum Alliance), working as an integral part of an agile team. Working in a product triad, we strive to balance product (business), design, and engineering standpoints.

My work is focused on internal services and I love the firm's strong appetite for innovation—the days of legacy technical systems are over. Impact is job #1 and our products and services are always aimed at helping our colleagues do something really valuable in their work. I can really see how my work fits into the entire interconnected ecosystem of the firm, and I get to think about the people, processes, and other products and services impacted by my work.

One of my best moments so far has been traveling to the Shared Services Center in Poznan to lead a design sprint workshop. We were presented with a very broad challenge, but in just three days we were able to define a clear problem, design a solution, and most importantly, validate our assumptions with real users. This experience illustrates the firm's velocity, driven by the unmatched team spirit of a multinational, diverse, and extraordinary group of colleagues.