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Miras Seidagul

IT Service Specialist

About Miras

I arrived in Prague in 2011, without any knowledge of English or Czech. This was a great incentive to work on self-improvement! After a year, I began studying in the business administration faculty of the Anglo-American University. This experience in an internationally-focused college allowed me to spend time with a broad range of nationalities, and helped me understand just how diverse and interesting other global perspectives are. At the same time, working within culturally diverse teams really forced me to think outside the box.

For the last three years of my time in college, I worked in a small hotel as a receptionist and was subsequently promoted to junior manager. At the same time, I took a job in my university as a receptionist, which allowed me a scholarship and free tuition. These two jobs gave me unparalleled experience in customer service and dramatically improved my communication skills. But still, I knew this was not enough for me and I longed for a bigger challenge.

For me, working at McKinsey was a dream ambition. Two months into my new role, I can happily say it is one of the best choices I have ever made. It has completely changed my view of the world. Every day I learn from my colleagues how to be creative, proactive, professional, and organized. Here in McKinsey, I feel like a part of a big global family. Both my job and my colleagues inspire me daily to work harder and continue improving my skills. I choose McKinsey, I choose my future.