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Delia Herea

Senior Technology Engineer

About Delia

I started with McKinsey in 2008 as a Global Helpdesk specialist, providing technical support to colleagues around the world. I soon realized how much I enjoyed the deep-dive into troubleshooting messaging issues—, and this was my first step upwards in the firm. My manager offered me and two colleagues the chance to pilot a regional 2nd-level support team for Lotus Notes, called GHD Messaging. Every day felt like an accomplishment—: we enriched our knowledge and the quality of service we delivered. The project was a big success and expanded globally in a very short time. It remains one of my dearest work memories, having showed me how well a group of people can work together, and how much can be achieved when their work is their passion.

Following my interest in messaging, I transitioned out of support and joined the messaging service-line—, taking up the challenge of software delivery, the firm-wide roll-out of Lotus Notes and Outlook Hawthorn, coordinating pilots, and ensuring product readiness. Thanks to the experience I have gathered in my time here, I am now a Senior senior Technology technology Engineerengineer, responsible for transitioning all our special email environments to Office 365.

What impresses me the most about the firm is the amount of trust I received all along from my manager and colleagues. It has motivated me to become stronger and believe in myself, while keeping me efficient in my roles—, even those that involved experimenting and learning on the go. Since joining McKinsey, I have grown a lot as a person, largely because of the interaction with all the different cultures around me. And, of course, I have grown professionally because of the opportunities given to me. It is exciting to even attempt to foresee what's next to come on my list of responsibilities, as this has always been a pleasant surprise. There is no monotony here, and that's my favorite thing about being part of McKinsey. It has taught me to be responsive, get out of my comfort zone, and speak up with innovative ideas. I'm looking forward to a lot more to come!