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Aleš Tofel

IT Service Manager

About Aleš

I joined the firm as a member of the consultancy office back in 2000. In 2006, I was one of the first members to join the Global Services Center . Owing to my expertise, commitment, and even a bit of luck, I had the opportunity to take an active role in the center‘s development and become the site leader.

I am proud that over the years we have managed to build and maintain a strong reputation within the firm as well as in the local labor market. I am still very excited to see new teams and functions arriving in Prague. Additionally, I was also involved in projects related to IT management, focusing on logistics and services roll-outs in the EMEA and Americas regions. Recently, my focus has been on IT services consolidation globally, including supplies management, logistics, and service provisioning in Asia.

Why am I still here after so many years? World-class talent at every level of the firm, unique culture, spirit of creativity, and innovative ideas keep me constantly on my toes, and I am always excited to take on yet another challenge.