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Executive AssistantPrague

Supporting a McKinsey partner means taking ownership of and following through with any and all tasks he or she may need help with. Our team members are service-minded and take requests with a smile. Calendar management, travel and logistics, and internal and external correspondence are all part of our daily routine, and our single objective is to make our partners’ work life organized and trouble-free.

When you join McKinsey as an EA, you will obviously not know everything right from the start. It will be up to you to make the most efficient use of the people, knowledge and tools around you – supported, of course, by your colleagues. We all have experiences to share, and we will go out of our way to help you find the best solutions for the partner, the client, and for you.

A friend suggested that I apply for the job. Unlike a typical secretarial role, the same job seemed to offer many opportunities in the consulting business. That it involved a lot of correspondence in English, which promised to strengthen my skills, was an added benefit.

What my day looks like depends on whether my partners are in the office or not. On a busy day, I support them intensively. When they are away – at a client or attending a conference – I often have the opportunity to work on other projects.