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Associate, Prague

About Kiryl

Working with extremely smart people pushes you to always be at your best and help you to develop necessary skills.

My path to McKinsey

Having grown up in Minsk, Belarus, I first moved to Prague to study finance at VSE (The University of Economics) when I was not even 18. Later, I moved again to Milan where I graduated from Bocconi University with a master’s degree in finance. While studying in Prague and later in Milan, I attended several study-exchange programs at the University of Portsmouth in the UK and at EDHEC Business School in France.

Rewarding, meaningful experiences

When I first joined, I was pleasantly surprised to see how small the office really is: after a few days you practically know everyone.

My first project was a large transformation in insurance, where I spent almost nine months working across many different functions and parts of the insurance business. It involved, among other things, creating a new product from scratch.

Once, during our project, a partner couldn’t make it to a client meeting and asked me to step in for him. After hardly a few months with the firm, I found myself in a meeting room with two CXOs. It was a moment when I had to step up from my junior role and take a much more active part in the client interaction. It showed me that no matter how junior or senior you are, the firm treats you the same.

Developing professionally

Recently, I have been working on an agile study for a banking client in Eastern Europe, helping client teams to launch new, fully digital products as part of a large-scale transformation of the company. My role has been to lead and coach two teams of 16 people, helping them to better structure their work and to prioritize their activities. It has been a truly exciting, hands-on type of work.

My passions

My personal passion is coding. Quite unexpectedly, I was able to use my Python skills in a client project. We were working on a benchmark study and needed to compare prices of several competitors. Instead of spending many hours copying and pasting prices manually, I developed a script that automated a process, taking the data from the website and copying it into a spreadsheet, which only took about an hour. I find it a great example of being able to leverage one’s technical skills for client work.


Bocconi University, School of Management
MSc, finance

University of Economics, Prague
BSc, finance