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Head of Front Desk / Executive Assistant Prague

Before joining McKinsey in 2018, I lived in Florida for 20 years, out of which I spent over 16 years working as a senior / litigation paralegal for defense attorneys & former Federal Judge. Coming back to Czech Republic, I was looking for a job in which I could be connected to the American culture and its values, I love so much: friendliness, open-mindedness, imagination, respectful communication combined with strong work ethics, thanks to which anything one dreams of is possible.

I first joined as an executive assistant (“EA”) to one of Prague’s office partners. For a year, I managed his calendar, planned substantial travel, cultivated relationships with clients, their EAs and helped with all manners of elaborate administrative support. Then I transitioned to my current role as a Head of Front Desk to manage the reception serving over 500 employees and other stakeholders. As the reception’s Team Leader, I have the privilege to work with an exceptional talents and part-time receptionists. I love the dynamics of inclusive and collaborative teamwork. Building strong relationships and well-nourished partnerships with stakeholders, external parties, suppliers, and so on. It’s parallel to my paralegal experience and/or comparable to a project/case management: collecting facts/data, comprehensive management, robust administrative support and coordination of operational agendas.  Deploying our resources to maximize productivity, while proactively identifying and solving important challenges, and finally, tailoring excellent customer service to the needs of our stakeholders. It is a challenging as well as exciting and rewarding role!