They say McKinsey is a caring meritocracy, and a lot of folks remember only the meritocracy. Well, if there ever has been a caring employer, this is it!

Global means global

One of my first projects was in Trinidad. In this incredibly multiracial country, I, a Slovak from Prague, joined a team of a Pakistani from Dubai, a Turkish from Brussels, a local and an Ecuadorian from Columbia, and an Argentinian. How much more global could it be? More importantly, our team got off to work seamlessly right from day one. If there’s another firm with this degree of standardization, I haven’t heard of it.

Impact means impact

Frankly, I was a bit afraid that the word “strategic,” which is often associated with McKinsey, might imply presentations that end up collecting dust in a drawer. Well, I have yet to work on a theoretical project. Yes, we do speak strategy on our projects, usually in the morning with top management. But then, we spend the rest of the day implementing things that affect the way people work. The practical side of our work is where I get the most energy from.

Oh, and one more thing

Caring means caring. On my first project after MBA, I learnt I was expecting. Should I disclose this? When, how, and to whom? What will they say? Will it ruin my career, or just slow it down? These and other questions cropped up. When I did break the news, the response was overwhelmingly positive from everyone. I could choose how I’d work during pregnancy, had absolute freedom to plan my return, and right before leaving for maternity, I was promoted to Engagement Manager.

Fast forward to the present. Combining family with work has not been the easiest thing, but it actually made me a better consultant. Because work means being away from my daughter, it’d better be meaningful. So far, so good!


The Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

University of Cambridge
MPhil, management