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Research & Analytics Specialist, Prague

About Adam

As my work title suggests, I mostly work with information: I search for it high and low in publicly accessible places and in specialized databases, analyze and synthesize and sometimes model it, infer conclusions from it, and finally present the conclusions succinctly, with confidence, to consultants of all levels.

That’s the generic description of my role. However, the specific content of our work varies significantly and sometimes we cannot tell what the next day or week will look like for us in R&A. And varied it can be, from short, one-hour requests to find the financials of a single company to days-long tasks to create market overviews with macro and micro trends of whole industries and markets. Most of our work is for client teams, but internal research projects are not exceptional. On the odd day, I am asked to do mystery shopping or a price comparison for our clients. And sometimes, I get invited to join an analysis-heavy project directly, as a full-time team member.

Being staffed on a team has its pros and cons. On the one hand, client projects give me a chance to learn five times faster and three times more than I ever would sitting in my office. On the other hand, working side by side with consultants means long hours in a demanding environment where you are expected to outperform yourself and are measured against the best.

Having said all this – and here comes the best part of my job – the choice is mine, and it will be yours too if you decide to join our team next time we are looking for a new R&A colleague.