Careers in Colombia

Digital Specialist Roles

Careers in Colombia

Digital Specialist Roles

Our office culture is casual, fun, and social, with an emphasis on innovation and mentorship: we have the freedom to try new ideas and are expected to learn and grow constantly.

As part of McKinsey Digital in Colombia, you will work with colleagues from across McKinsey to help our clients deliver breakthrough products, experiences, and businesses, both on technology and nontechnology issues.

We recruit for four specific digital roles:

Agile coach

You will coach clients on a variety of digital issues including product management, design thinking, engineering culture, and DevOps.

You will leverage your strong communication skills to coach and mentor teams and leaders on agile values and principles. Additionally, you’ll structure large-scale agile transformations with uncertain or changing constraints. Lastly, you will engage with consulting teams as a “do-er” to actively problem solve, create content, and facilitate trainings to best serve our clients. For this role, you will need:

  • 4–6 years of experience leading agile projects
  • deep interest in the drivers of digital disruption, from the perspectives of both the customer and the organization
  • demonstrated experience at driving agile transformations from design to implementation (including agile transformation road maps, scaling agile, and operating models)
  • knowledge of technical engineering best practices (for example, test-driven development, continuous integration, and DevOps)
  • expertise in coaching on agile issues to build high-performing teams and organizations


You will work on a variety of projects that integrate digital designs into products, services and environments.

You will be part of a blended cross-functional team that tackles all aspects of the design process. You will be passionate and focused, creatively solving complex problems from a diverse set of perspectives, contexts, and research inputs, while applying your own informed views and taste. Charged with helping to lead client engagements and guiding other members of the design team, you will define and drive the design process—moving from insights to ideas, and threading design and business thinking together to deliver inventive, durable solutions from concept to launch. For this role, you will need:

  • a bachelor’s degree in interaction design, interface design, human–computer interaction, service design, or design with an emphasis on user experience, or equivalent qualification
  • 8 or more years of relevant industry experience designing applications, experiences, websites, products, and services that balance user needs, business objectives, and technological constraints
  • a holistic and human-centered approach to product and service design, from research and insight generation, to concept, to deliverable
  • experience in owning a project vision, taking responsibility for execution and quality, and leading client relationships


You will work collaboratively in small teams and iteratively through design and development to deliver fully functioning web-based and mobile applications.

In this role, you will employ agile methodologies to quickly provide our consultants with the solutions they need. You will help combine the latest open-source technologies together with traditional enterprise software products. For this role, you will need:

  • a bachelor’s degree in computer science
  • 4–9 years of experience in software development
  • strong application development knowledge of any of the following technologies: XML, JavaScript, Oracle, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, .Net, Java, UNIX, HTML, CSS, Perl, or PHP
  • engineering practice experience such as code refactoring, design patterns, design-driven development, continuous integration, building highly scalable applications, or application security

Digital marketing

You will work with client teams to assess, strategize, and implement data, analytics, and marketing technology solutions to solve our clients’ business problems.

You will provide a distinctive level of subject-matter expertise on how to execute and activate digital marketing strategies for customer acquisition, customer engagement, and personalization. You will also work directly with consulting teams to conduct assessments of clients’ digital marketing capabilities and performance, playing a key role in team problem solving. For this role, you will need:

  • 7–12 years of experience executing and/or leading digital marketing programs for digital agencies or client marketing organizations
  • strong professional focus on customer acquisition, digital media, cross-channel campaign management, personalization, data management, and digital analytics
  • deep understanding of how to use digital-marketing channels, techniques, and operating models (for example, organization, processes, capabilities, client/agency engagement)
  • deep understanding of the digital marketing, advertising-technology ecosystem, and the digital agency landscape

Consultor RPA

You will help businesses improve the efficiency of processes and effectiveness of their services, configure automation solutions and identify the right automation tools to help plan/implement their automation roadmap.

In this role, you will have the ability to leverage other areas of McKinsey Digital including the agile prototyping and transformation experts and digital design specialists to provide a differentiating and distinctive service. You will be a core member of the McKinsey consulting team with responsibilities that range from shaping and implementing strategic technology products to ensuring that our craft stays on the leading edge of technology.


  • Bachelor’s degree in computer science or similar
  • 3 -5 years of experience in designing and implementing large scale process automation solutions using some of the leading RPA (robotics process automation) and/or other emerging automation technologies
  • Certification in one or multiple RPA and/or other emerging automation technologies
  • Deep experience in full life-cycle of automation solution implementation
  • Experience with continuous improvement methodologies such as Lean, Six Sigma, Kaizen etc.
  • Experience in establishing a center of excellence (CoE) in automation space
  • Ability to understand business requirements and convert them into enterprise-scale automation solution designs
  • Ability to deliver pragmatic and innovative approaches that optimize processes across business strategies and technology capabilities
  • Experience in producing detailed technical design documents to match the solution design specifications and advising a team of functional consultants on aspects around delivery of the architecture
  • Experience working as part of Scrum teams
  • Strong presentation, writing and communication skills in public and private meeting forums
  • Willingness to travel and work at a client sites up to 4 days per week


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