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What today’s shake-out in China’s peer-to-peer lending market means for fintech

As the P2P industry in China emerges from its first major crisis, the survivors will hopefully apply the lessons they’ve learned to build more sustainable businesses.

Can the Chinese consumer keep the economy humming?

With China’s gradual shift to a consumption-driven economy, all eyes are on the Chinese consumer as the primary engine of growth.

Why it’s no longer business as usual for Chinese companies

Many Chinese companies will simply not survive over the next decade unless they forego the old formula for growth and competition and transform for the future.

Investors are plowing billions of dollars into China’s rapidly growing healthcare market. Here’s why

China’s healthcare market is ripe for expansion as capital investment soars and the regulatory environment remains stable.

China’s industries and services are going digital

Digitization can shift—or newly create—as much as 45 percent of industry revenue across China.

This is how Asia’s insurers can profit from the coming wave of disruption

Asian insurers will need to satisfy customer expectations for innovative insurance products and digitally-enabled services.

The real reason why Chinese consumers prefer local brands

Local brands are winning because they better address consumer needs in three areas: value for money, quality, and aftersales service.

This is how Chinese consumers continue to surprise us

The Chinese consumer landscape is made up of a multi-faceted set of consumer segments, each with unique characteristics that determine shopping habits.

The rise of China’s Greater Bay Area

McKinsey senior partner and managing partner of the McKinsey Greater China office, Joe Ngai, spoke with McKinsey advisor Gordon Orr about the rise of the Greater Bay Area around Shenzhen.