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Product OwnerShanghai

My experience at McKinsey broadens my horizons and pushes me to think about the impact of digital technology from a business management perspective.


About three and half years ago, I joined McKinsey from an internet company because I wanted to reach more industries through my work. Looking back, my experience at the firm has fulfilled that goal and much more—I’ve worked across industries and sectors, including banking, logistics, and manufacturing. In addition, being around supportive colleagues who welcome my new ideas has pushed me to think about how digital technology impacts overall business.


My most rewarding experience was helping a high-tech manufacturing company improve its production efficiency through digital technology. On this project, I worked with the client to design and develop digital tools to improve R&D productivity. I helped design the digital innovation organization and agile development process of digital use cases. The development of these digital use cases was closely integrated with the business to ensure development teams address business needs, which helped the client increase the business impact of IT development and reduce development waste. After the project ended, the client scaled the process and promoted it within the IT organization.


In China, I work on projects across the country. Before COVID-19, I often spent weekends in the city where my project was based and explored the area. I caught a meteor shower in Anji and cycled around Qiandao Lake in Zhejiang province. I fell in love with travelling and hiking and I made it a priority to take time to travel and recharge regularly.


At McKinsey, when you encounter difficulties in your work or personal life, there are global experts and colleagues eager to support you. On one of my projects, I connected with Dutch experts to tap into their knowledge of hardware manufacturing and US experts to learn more about software development. At the firm, I never feel lost and know there is an entire global network to support me.


The firm has an open and nonhierarchical environment. I love that our projects always kick off with a team learning where we share our strengths, goals, and working preferences. This approach ensures each team member has time allocated for things that matter to them. I love the explicit support to balance a full life.


Tsinghua University
MS, civil engineering
BS, civil engineering