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Digital SpecialistShanghai

McKinsey is truly one firm. A career at McKinsey gives me plenty of opportunities to work (pre COVID-19 and I expect post-COVID too) around the world, and meet great people who inspire me and expose me to new technologies.


I joined McKinsey because of the prestige and diverse community. It’s such a good place to work with people who have such extraordinary backgrounds in technology, digital product design, Agile, and data. At the same time, it provides the best environment to practice structural thinking and problem solving skills which are skills most techies need to develop.


One of my most meaningful projects was with an advanced manufacturing company in China. I was excited to work with the client’s IT team to adopt an Agile way of working, and design and deliver digital products to support manufacturing R&D. We launched the minimum viable product (MVP) for the company’s first product in 8 weeks. This reduced R&D users’ time on data analytics by more than 60% and showed the value of the IT team, which helped to create more successful career paths for the team. It was extremely rewarding to know our work contributed to the professional development of many individuals.


On the digital side, I have a passion for building the engineering excellence capability of IT teams and growing my product development skills. It energizes me to combine best practices of different engineering teams and devise the most suitable solutions for clients to help them achieve greater value in a fast and sustainable way.


McKinsey encourages everyone to explore opportunities around the firm. I worked across 10 countries (pre COVID-19) since joining. On each of these projects, I’ve met and worked with exceptional people from different backgrounds and cultures, which has broadened my perspective.


McKinsey strongly supports us to maintain a healthy work-life balance. For example, when on long projects, the team will have a break in the middle, sometimes a long weekend, sometimes for one week, to allow us time to relax and recharge. The firm encourages us to use vacation time, and weekends are off-limits. Usually after a long project, I take one to two weeks off to recharge and do something I love, like mountain hiking.


Anhui University of Science and Technology
Master in Computer Application Technology