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Since joining McKinsey’s Implementation practice, I’ve acquired the skill to influence and have accomplished great things, such as helping our clients design and execute their strategies.


I chose McKinsey because I knew I can work with and learn from talented colleagues across industries. McKinsey never fails to satisfy your desire to learn and make a difference. Before joining McKinsey, I was focused on retail banking, but now I can broaden my expertise in areas such as e-governance and agile transformation.


Our team designed and executed a five-year strategy for a banking client to help clarify the client’s strategic direction and designed a big data model to empower the retail business. Through big data analysis, we built insights into the operation, thus forming a systematic customer-centered business strategy, versus a sales-oriented operation method.

During the implementation phase, we were extremely excited to witness the impact from our recommendations. The agile workshops we conducted helped the client grow its customer base and achieve a 10%+ increase in assets under management (AUM) within two months. We also introduced a big data system for 300+ branches. More than 20,000 sales leads were distributed to more than 1,000 salespeople, and brought in ¥330 million AUM purchases, which helped the client meet its quarterly target one month ahead of schedule.


At McKinsey, you can discover new passions from the different people you meet and work with. I’ve met and developed strong relationships with many of my team members and colleagues. Through these friendships, I have taken up bowling and kart racing—something I do regularly now.


McKinsey has a global platform for everyone, so you can work on projects around the world. In fact, you are encouraged to collaborate with global experts. Leveraging the knowledge of global colleagues allows you to integrate best practices into your client recommendations and deliver the best solutions. Pre COVID-19, in-person trainings were held in different countries, and hosted by international faculty. It was a great way to meet colleagues from across the globe and helped us build a global network for connectivity. While we aren’t meeting in person these days, the training, learning and connectivity continues.


McKinsey proactively tries to make work sustainable for consultants; there are a number of flexible work programs like Take Time or part-time. Additionally, the firm has a general respect for every individual’s working preferences and supports us to allocate time for things important to us, like weekends to relax and spend time with family and friends.


Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Masters, Industrial Engineering

Shanghai Jiao Tong University
Bachelor’s, Industrial Engineering