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Associate PartnerHong Kong


Associate PartnerHong Kong

The actual work of a consultant demands more creativity than people realize.

My Path to McKinsey

I was born and raised in Hong Kong. I spent two years at boarding school in Wales and then four years in the U.S. for college. I was planning to pursue graduate studies and eventually, work in academia. Then some friends told me about McKinsey. I was excited by the idea of solving complex problems in the real world and seeing tangible impact.

Creativity in consulting

The actual work of a consultant demands more creativity than people realize. We are tasked to find solutions to problems that our clients are struggling to solve themselves. We do a great deal of structuring to identify root causes and levers to solve problems. In real time, we bring creativity to discussions with clients, presentations, workshops, and our internal problem-solving sessions.

Inspiring colleagues

I am inspired watching a senior partner in action. During client workshops he goes to the whiteboard and problem solves directly with the CEO and senior management, drawing issue trees, introducing frameworks, and laying out analyses. Clients always remark on how helpful this is. He taught me firsthand how to deliver for our clients.

Rewarding, meaningful experiences

My most rewarding experience was working with a very high-performing client. The client is already number one in the market. So, we needed to come up with a highly innovative and yet, practical five-year strategy for multiple functions. It was the toughest project I have ever done, with a lot of late nights. In the end, we are proud that we advised a market leader on its path forward. The client is already executing, and it is rewarding to see the great results.

Interviewing with McKinsey

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