Careers in Switzerland


Careers in Switzerland


McKinsey internships: Helping you achieve your potential

We offer 12-week internships all year round. From your first day on, you’ll be an equal member of our project team, in direct contact with the client. And you’ll work on a clearly defined part of the project. In return, you’ll get regular coaching and feedback, plus the chance to make a real contribution.

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Almost every morning I awoke with a sense of excitement, knowing that anything could happen and that by the end of the day I would have learned something new.

Yasmine Bensultana


BA in business administration and law

My internship...offered me a perspective on the inner workings of companies and allowed me to follow my passion for solving diverse, challenging, and high-impact problems.

Peter Udo Diehl


PhD in artificial intelligence

Project snapshot

Helping fight disease at the country level

Helping fight disease at the country level

By using lessons learned from Nigeria’s unique approach to disease control, other countries can more effectively manage urgent public-health challenges.

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