Peak Experience 2018

March 23 – 25, Zermatt

Ready to explore new horizons? 

Join us for a weekend of fun, adventure and a real-life case in the mountains! Get away from your daily surroundings, experience consulting up close, get answers to all your questions and be inspired by new encounters. At this event, you will be presented with a case study—a business problem from ON that you will work on with a team. This is an opportunity to learn, gain new skills and push the boundaries of your comfort zone. But it won’t all be problem-solving. Peak Experience also includes a varied social program and fun leisure activities to make sure that we discover more about you as a person and you have a chance to get to know us and your fellow participants. We look forward to this weekend with you!


• Welcome
• Case study kick-off
• Visit ON
• Outward journey & Dinner


• Case work
• Surprise
• Dinner


• Finalization of case work
• Presentation and final roundtable discussion
• Return journey

Event Details

Date and location: The event begins in Zurich on Friday, March 23 at 9 am, and ends in Zurich on Sunday, March 25 around 8 pm.

Application deadline: March 8, 2018
Is this event evaluative?
No—this event is non-evaluative. It is an opportunity for you to enrich your skill set, find out more about consulting and McKinsey, and network with other students from University of St. Gallen.

What does it cost to participate in the event?
McKinsey will cover your expenses associated with this event, which includes lodging, meals, and the return journey travel from Zurich to Zermatt. The travel costs between your from/to home/study location and to Zurich will not be reimbursed.


Robin Matthias

Partner and HSG Alumni

I work with financial institutions in Europe and the Middle East, focusing in particular on institutional investors, asset managers, and large insurance groups. Over the last 12 years at McKinsey, I have enjoyed many peak experiences – spending six months at our Global Institute in San Francisco was definitely one of them. I look forward to welcoming you to Peak Experience!


Bianca Pestalozzi

Associate and HSG Alumni

During my five years with McKinsey, my peak experience was supporting a merchandising task force to address a fashion retailer’s most pressing issues with its collections. Outside of work, my peak experiences revolve around the great outdoors, e.g., skiing with my brother in Japan or hiking with my best friend in Norway. This Peak Experience event is a great opportunity for you to see how we work with clients and decide whether that is something you can imagine doing yourself in future.


Marc Maurer

COO at On and McKinsey Alumni

I am passionate about climbing peaks, because being on a peak allows me to get an overview and think about the big picture. I look forward to sharing my peak experience with you and discussing why On just started the climb.

Get in touch

Eliane Lenz

Eliane Lenz

If you have specific questions about the event and/or application, please email Eliane Lenz.

If you have questions about working at McKinsey, please visit our Careers website.