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Careers in Switzerland


Careers in Switzerland


Working at McKinsey is more than just a job

You’ll discover something new and test your limits. You’ll help find solutions and leave behind routine. You’ll learn from others and build valuable relationships. This is our culture. Start a journey with us that will take you further than you imagine.

Many routes to McKinsey

I believe scientists who prefer a fast-paced, dynamic work environment should definitely consider a career in consulting.

Alberto Loche Associate, Zurich

Pursued a scientific career, first in human genetics, then in neuroendocrinology, and, finally, obtained a PhD in neuroscience

I study the social sciences to challenge assumptions, see the big picture, and stay curious about understanding the causes of things, which is why I joined consulting—we’re doing exactly that!

Inese Zepa Fellow, Zurich

Grew up in Latvia, diplomatic experience

Project snapshot

A plastics manufacturer prepares for a circular economy

By understanding industry forces such as nascent technologies, emerging market demand, and universal sustainability goals, a plastics manufacturer planned for a viable future.

Paths at McKinsey

Are you excited about learning about different industries and functions? Or did you already discover your passion for a particular topic? Find out more about the different career tracks we offer.

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