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Careers in Switzerland

Experienced Professionals

Careers in Switzerland

Experienced Professionals

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Many routes to McKinsey

The transition to consulting was not always easy...I had to unlearn certain work habits and adapt a new dynamic and fast-paced work approach.

Marina Araujo Engagement Manager, Zurich

MBA with experience in healthcare and consumer marketing

At McKinsey, I feel that I have recovered the brain vivacity I had in my student days and gained invaluable experience and new leadership skills.

Arnold Scaglione Engagement Manager, Geneva

Six years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry

Project snapshot

Through advanced analytics, a pharmaceutical company improves efficiency

Our team developed custom algorithms to link and analyze a large number of data sets, to help a pharmaceutical company identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of their clinical operations. In addition, we leveraged machine-learning algorithms to develop a better approach for managing quality risk at their clinical trial sites. Combined, these provide a powerful way to use data available today to make a leap forward in the effective management of highly complex processes.

Paths at McKinsey

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