Careers in Switzerland


Careers in Switzerland


Find yourself in a workplace you never imagined—a wind farm, a major shipyard, or a desert mine

McKinsey’s Operations Practice helps our clients transform every aspect of their operations—from customer service to manufacturing—and significantly improve their efficiency, productivity, quality, and agility. Operational excellence makes a decisive competitive difference for many of the world’s leading companies.

Why join us

The Operations Practice is the largest functional practice in McKinsey and one of the fastest-growing, operating in 60 locations worldwide. By joining Operations in Switzerland, you will be part of a vibrant community, represented strongly across Zurich and Geneva, giving you plenty of opportunities for collaboration.

You’ll have the opportunity to work on tasks as extensive as they are diverse and apply and develop your expertise across the full range of topics from product development to capital productivity to implementation. You will also benefit from the breadth and depth of our expertise, such as our capability-building centers, research teams, model factories, teardown labs, and design competencies. We recognize that our clients’ operations are interdependent, so we adopt an integrated approach, diagnosing issues across regional and functional boundaries and proposing changes wherever they will deliver the most impact.

Who we are looking for

If you have outstanding academic qualifications (MBA or PhD) or are a professional with practical experience in operations, why not become a consultant and join our practice? Whether we are improving production equipment performance or dealing with logistics, your specialist knowledge makes you an asset to us and our clients.

Many routes to McKinsey

From day one, I was able to leverage my educational background and put my expertise to work.

Alexander Sproedt Associate Partner, Zurich

PhD in industrial management, 8+ years of supply chain experience

Recent projects

Streamlining a product portfolio

A Swiss machinery company’s increasing product complexity was gradually leading to declining profits and quality issues. To address these issues, Swiss-based Operations consultants initiated the development of a modular product portfolio. We analyzed the market requirements, developed modular components, and defined a global rollout plan. The new product portfolio reduced the number of components by 55 percent while maintaining flexibility for customers.

Optimizing a pharmaceutical supply

Our Swiss-based Operations consultants analyzed the procurement and supply chain setups of a global pharmaceuticals giant on different continents. We pinpointed ways of optimizing its warehousing and distribution operations, leading to $15 million in potential savings and opportunities to improve its local warehousing operations. Our impact was boosted by the tools and infrastructure from our capability-building centers, such as the model warehouse at the Karlsruhe Institute of Technology.

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Our strategic thinking and hands-on pragmatism help clients achieve world-class operations.

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