Careers in Switzerland


Careers in Switzerland


By choosing to join McKinsey, you’ll gain an opportunity to work with leading executives from 80 percent of world’s biggest companies, tackling the most important topics on their agenda.

Why join us

You’ll work on a wide range of topics together with a diverse group of highly motivated colleagues, join a global network, and build leadership skills that will last a lifetime. We’ll provide you with extensive training for a fast start-up, and as you develop further, we’ll offer individualized programs to help you acquire specific skills and build expertise.

Who we are looking for

Your entry role is determined by your academic degree and the experience you bring. We look for candidates with an excellent academic record and a desire for personal impact demonstrated through internships, specific projects, and/or extracurricular engagements. As many of our clients prefer to work in their native language, another prerequisite is fluency in either French or German coupled with an excellent command of English.

Roles at McKinsey

As a generalist, you will apply to a specific role based upon your level of experience and education.

Fellow Analyst—Bachelor’s degree

You will work on one project at a time and learn basic consulting skills. We offer various training programs, the opportunity to pursue an MBA and enjoy flexible working models.

Fellow—Master’s degree

As a fellow, you will participate in one project at a time and have the opportunity to build leadership and problem-solving skills. There are various training programs, the ability to pursue an MBA, PhD or other developmental options, plus flexible working models.

Associate—PhD, MBA or experienced professionals

In this position, you will work on one project at a time and own your own workstream. You can take advantage of various training programs and flexible working models.

Internship—during studies (for all degrees)

You will spend 12 weeks working on two different projects as a member of a team with a clearly defined task and coaching from your team members.

Recent projects

A convenience retailer uses data to optimize its product assortment and pricing

Our consultants helped a European convenience retailer better understand the demands of each of its shops through data analysis from millions of customer receipts. Together with category managers and merchandisers, we designed a new category review system that could identify product trends and the level of substitutability among different products. Our data-driven assortment and pricing process helped optimize 20 categories and 3,000 SKUs, resulting in increased repeat business and basket size.

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