Women in STEM Award

McKinsey & Company invites undergraduate women who are passionate about STEM to apply for an award of $1,500, a dedicated mentor, and an invitation to an exclusive STEM leadership cohort of exemplary undergraduates with similar backgrounds.

“Women with STEM backgrounds understand first-hand how diversity elevates outcome and impact – especially when it comes to critical thinking and complex problem solving.  It’s the exact same in business.” – Kaitlyn, McKinsey Houston

The McKinsey Women in STEM award was created to recognize talented women enrolled at University of Michigan, University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill, University of Texas - Austin, and at University of Virginia who are exploring opportunities in science, technology, engineering and math.

Program overview

McKinsey will select award winners from each school noted below to receive:

  • A financial award of $1,500
  • An invitation to an exclusive STEM leaders group with a discussion board and video chats to build your STEM leaders network
  • A dedicated mentor from McKinsey who has a STEM background to support you as you consider your summer plans, academic trajectory, and career aspirations

The funding may be used to support summer needs including project funding, participation fees or living expenses or may be used as financial aid during the upcoming school year.  Please see the application pages below for eligibility and additional details.

Hear from some inspiring STEM women at McKinsey

On the strength of STEM women...
"I approach the problem in a different way from others. I believe I'm more cognizant of all of the assumptions that are going into hypotheses, which allows me to think critically but also pull up from the constraints that are often limiting to problem solving."

- Catherine, McKinsey Dallas

On using your STEM degree in the working world... 

"Breaking down a consulting questions into sub-parts and streams of analysis is incredibly similar to decomposing an engineering problem. While studying Computer Science, I learned how to decompose CS problems into independent classes or functions. At McKinsey, I watch my managers break clients’ problems up into independent work streams, which are each assigned to a different team member but come together to form a complete solution. Who knew that decomposition is used every day in consulting!"

- Alisha, McKinsey Toronto

On McKinsey mentors...

"My mentors at McKinsey have given me advice on everything from how to deal with a difficult client situation to how to think about my career in the long-term to how to manage personal relationships when you’re on the road a lot. Always being able to reach out to people who have been there and succeeded is immensely helpful. I know many of these relationships will extend far beyond my time at McKinsey."

- Katherine, McKinsey Atlanta

School details

For details about the Women in STEM Award at your campus, including eligibility and project details, please see below for deadlines and school-specific application links:

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill
Deadline: April 13, 2017
Application link

University of Michigan
Deadline: April 9, 2017
Application link

University of Texas - Austin
Deadline: April 16, 2017
Application link

University of Virginia
Deadline: April 16, 2017
Application link