Insight Healthcare

Insight Healthcare

A three-day insider’s look into management consulting at McKinsey for medical students, interns, residents and fellows, and PhDs and postdocs in healthcare-related disciplines

Thursday, June 1–
Sunday, June 4

  • Overview of management consulting
  • Introduction to our consultants and the work they do
  • Two-day consulting case study
  • Recreational and social activities
McKinsey ADP Insight 2017 - Tony Awojoodu

“It was especially valuable to talk with other MDs and PhDs who had ‘left the lab’ to join McKinsey, as well as other program participants who were considering similar transitions.”

Tony Awojoodu
Associate, Philadelphia
PhD, biomedical engineering, Georgia Institute of Technology
McKinsey ADP Insight 2017 - Jennifer Hou

“In just three days, I experienced significant personal growth and learned how to lead a team, be a client counselor, and communicate effectively.”

Jennifer Hou
Engagement Manager, Boston
PhD, physics, Harvard University
McKinsey ADP Insight 2017 - Josh Albrecht

“I learned that it was possible to work with amazing people, utilize my medical and scientific background, find my work academically stimulating, and grow in a supportive and inclusive culture.”

Josh Albrecht
Engagement Manager, Philadelphia
MD and PhD, immunology, Emory University



  • Completing an MD, medical internship, residency, or fellowship in 2018 or 2019
  • Completing a PhD or postdoc in 2018 in a healthcare-related discipline
  • Currently residing in the United States or Canada
  • Available to attend the entire event, from Thursday evening through Sunday afternoon

Application process and timeline

  • Application deadline: April 9, 2017
  • A select group of finalists will be invited to participate in a brief phone interview
  • Participants will be notified of our decisions in early May
  • No business experience is required
  • All program-related expenses will be paid by McKinsey & Company

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