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Inside Operations

Get hands-on experience with an internship that makes an impact

Inside Operations is your chance to work alongside leading female business and engineering professionals. More than whiteboard-filled offices, the 8 to 12-week internship allows you to experience life as a consultant and see the breadth of opportunities available in the Operations Practice at McKinsey.

By joining Inside Operations as an intern, you’ll be an integral part of a client project team. You will gain hands-on experience on the factory floor with digital manufacturing, be part of a product teardown to create a digital innovation, design user experiences, or gain insights into the world’s most complex infrastructure projects.

Apply by December 6, 2020

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Meet Our Consultants


Associate, London

“I started my MBA fully convinced that I would join a start-up after graduation. I believed consulting was not creative enough for an architect. But everything changed when I got the chance to do an internship at McKinsey. I finally understood what consultants do, what their days looked like, how they worked among teams, and how diverse their projects were. Realizing that I could use my creative skills to design business impact is what convinced me to join the McKinsey family after graduating.”


Junior specialist, Hamburg

“During my internship, I was helping a client that produces high-quality, low-volume products. When I first arrived at the production site, I felt quite overwhelmed by the complex manufacturing process. With the help of McKinsey experts from different areas, we were able to manage the complexity to ultimately optimize the client’s process. The internship taught me that there are no unsolvable problems as long as you can rely on a network full of experience and knowledge.”


Specialist, Madrid

“My eight-week internship was enough for me to realize that McKinsey is a unique place to work. In such a short time, I was amazed by how much I had grown as a professional. This would not have been possible without three things: coaching by my talented colleagues, the opportunity to make a positive impact for our client, and the firm’s global support network. Doing this internship was definitely a no-brainer—the perfect way to test whether consulting was for me before joining full time.”

Apply by December 6, 2020

Kathrin Fessler

European Operations Practice