Emerging Scholars
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Personal Stories

Read what Emerging Scholars say about the program

Dang Trinh

Dang Trinh

Darden School of Business

“When I heard about the Emerging Scholars program, I knew it would be the perfect chance to understand the industry, explore the work, and learn about McKinsey’s culture.” -ES winner ‘16
Dhruv Chandras

Dhruv Chandras

Ross School of Business

“If you are keen on pursuing a career in consulting, apply; you will gain early exposure to case interviews and a forum in which to have candid conversations with McKinsey consultants.” -ES winner ‘16

Kim Ayers

Kim Ayers

Haas School of Business

“I knew McKinsey was a large firm with incredible resources, and that was attractive to me, but it was more important to know I had an intimate group of colleagues who would take care of me and help me navigate over time.” -ES winner ‘16
Josh Klemme

Josh Klemme

Columbia Business School

“I love talking to people about the Emerging Scholars program because it completely changed my path – and my life.” -ES winner ‘16

Marla Jalbut

Marla Jalbut

Harvard Business School

“The best part of Emerging Scholars was my McKinsey Mentor. We clicked right away.” -ES winner ‘17
Madeline Kelly

Madeline Kelly

Yale School of Management

“I really enjoy working at the intersection of tech and media. Consulting will give me the best opportunities to tackle industry-driving challenges with the support and coaching of incredible teammates.” -ES winner ‘17


Sophie Solomon

Duke Fuqua School of Business

“After two years with Teach for America, I had a hypothesis that learning basic business skills could set me up to effect change on a larger scale.” -ES winner ‘14

Application Deadline: May 17, 2018

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How to apply

Please submit your application online by May 17, 2018. The application process is simple and takes only a few minutes to complete.

All applications will be reviewed and we will notify you of next steps within a few weeks of our application deadline. We will announce our scholars by early July and host a celebration event shortly thereafter.


Questions about the Emerging Scholars program?

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