CEMS Student Board Consulting Cup

powered by McKinsey and GABV

Kick start your career and get to know McKinsey and GABV at the CEMS Student Board Consulting Cup

CEMSies want to become strong leaders - but more importantly, they want to become responsible ones.

The CEMS Student Board Consulting Cup 2018 invites CEMS students, currently studying at their home or host institutions, to form a team of 4-5 classmates and apply to the sustainability-focused case competition.

We encourage diversity in your teams, so feel free gather other students from both host and home institutions. All team members do not have to be from the same home or host institution and do not have to currently be studying at the same institution.

This competition will include an accredited 4h Skills Seminar which will be hosted in conjunction with the Career Forum on Friday, 9 November for a selected group of c. 25 students.

Application Details

Applications are now closed.

Competition Details


First round of case competition: 20 & 21 September, online

Final round: 9 November, Budapest (in person)

First round

Selected teams will be invited to the first round of our competition, which will take place online from 20-21 September. You will be given 48 hours to solve a case study focused on sustainability and social responsibility, provided by GABV, the social partner of the CEMS Student Board. First round participants will be asked to submit final proposals in PowerPoint via email. McKinsey will review all submissions and – together with GABV – will select five teams with the best solutions to the case study.

Final round

Five teams will be invited to participate in the final round of the competition which will take place in our Budapest office on Friday, 9 November (during the first day of the CEMS Career Forum). As a proud partner of the Consulting Cup, these five teams will receive mentoring from McKinsey consultants. After receiving valuable coaching and insights from our colleagues, teams will collaborate on a second case study and present their ideas to a jury. The top team will receive an award. All team members must be available to attend the event to be eligible for the competition.

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