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Junior Specialist - Manufacturing, Operations Excellence Program (OEP), Madrid

Why an internship at McKinsey will boost your career in operations and will give you a new point of view on your field of expertise.


Senior Implementation Coach, Amsterdam

Insights into the typical working day of a consultant within McKinsey’s Implementation Practice.


Junior Specialist – Service Operations, Operations Excellence Program (OEP), Hamburg

Before starting my degree, I worked for a large German airline and really enjoyed working there. Thus, I was not sure whether management consulting was the right career choice for me in the future.

I was lucky enough to be invited to the 2017 WomEngineering event in Paris, after which I applied for an internship in the Munich office.

The internship was a great opportunity to gain a glimpse into working at McKinsey. I experienced a really strong team spirit and met many incredible people who helped me integrate me right away and gave me a sense of ownership in my workstreams. I always felt comfortable, was encouraged to participate in discussions and felt empowered to speak my mind.

My key learning from the internship is that I like the challenge of getting to know many different, and sometimes completely new, industries. I also liked being able to add value for our clients.

All in all, my internship experience was challenging and at the same time so much fun. I cannot wait to join McKinsey as a full-time consultant next year!


Associate - Supply Chain Management, Lyon

Doing an internship is the best way to discover how McKinsey teams and clients work together. From day one, you will be on the ground with the client. An internship also provides the opportunity to start making connections and receiving support and advice from the leadership and other colleagues.

Everyone at McKinsey wants to help each other grow. Connecting with aspirational people is the best way to find out what you would like your future to look like, and receiving advice and support from them will help you shape your own path.


Junior Specialist - Manufacturing, Operations Excellence Program (OEP), Munich

I joined McKinsey as an intern in the field of Supply Chain Management in November 2017 for three months.

When I started my internship, I had the opportunity to join a team that was working on a strategy to ‘fix the delivery engine’ of our client. Instantly I had the chance to contribute my own ideas and work closely together with my ‘own client’ – I would never have expected to receive so much trust and support from my team right at the beginning. What I enjoyed most was that the study required a lot of hands-on work. We were exploring the client’s warehouses and stock movements in detail to understand the current situation.

I learnt that for me it is crucial to work with a team that sets high expectations on me and, at the same time, creates a fun and supportive environment. After the internship I received an offer to join the Operations Excellence Program – a unique opportunity for young professionals to build functional expertise in their field of interest. Now I’m looking forward to continuing my journey with McKinsey soon!

Take the chance and apply for an internship at McKinsey’s Operations Practice! You can experience the consultant workstyle first-hand and decide if this could be the right track for your career.

Application deadline: November 4, 2018

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