Working with recruitment agencies

To place a candidate with McKinsey, search agents or firms must first be deemed a McKinsey preferred supplier.

Preferred suppliers must have: a) entered a contractual relationship with McKinsey for the purpose of placing candidates; b) accepted McKinsey’s terms of business; and c) received instruction from McKinsey to develop candidate leads for submission at that time. All unsolicited CV's or proposals received will be treated as gratuitous submissions.

As such, McKinsey reserves the right to contact directly any candidate speculatively submitted by a third party outside of our approved preferred suppliers. Such contact will not constitute acceptance of any contractual arrangement between McKinsey and the supplier, and McKinsey will not be liable for any fees whatsoever should it choose to engage the candidate’s services.

Furthermore, speculative submission of candidate CV's does not establish a right of representation should the same candidate’s details also be submitted by a McKinsey preferred supplier.*

This policy applies to all experienced hire recruitment globally across McKinsey.

If you have any questions, please email:

* Submission of any unsolicited CV's and proposals to McKinsey in the UK will be deemed evidence of full and unlimited acceptance of these terms, which constitute the totality of any commercial or contractual relationship in respect of the candidate(s) whose unsolicited CV's were sent.