McKinsey’s Japan office offers you robust and exciting choices for balancing and enriching your professional and personal life.

We provide world-class expertise and serve the top 50 Japanese companies, including the industry leaders in most sectors.

We pride ourselves on recruiting and developing global leaders, and our extensive alumni network includes the founder of DeNA, CEOs of several multinationals such as Twitter Japan, Puma Japan, Apple Japan and the EVP of Uniqlo, as well as several private equity executives.

Many factors are triggering change in the Japanese business world at a radical level. At McKinsey, we are fortunate to work with companies and institutions that create impact for the economy through transformation and innovations that they’re bringing to Japan and the world. McKinsey is a place where each person’s personal growth is a clear priority. I continue to be personally energized learning from the various expertise and experience of my colleagues, and gain joy from supporting others. That’s what has kept me at McKinsey throughout the years.

Naomi Yamakawa, Partner, Tokyo



>450 consultants

McKinsey established its first Japanese office in Tokyo in 1971 and began blazing a trail in Japan, where the concept of management consulting was still very new. In addition to providing consulting services to clients, we have continuously put forth our perspectives in the field of management through publications and seminars.


>50 consultants

The Kansai office opened on March 1, 2018 to more readily cover all of western Japan, an area with a great deal of potential. We aim to generate a positive impact on the region’s economy and companies by contributing to regional development and promoting cooperation across academia, companies, national and local governments, and public sector entities.

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We have been serving Japan’s leading organizations for nearly 50 years, guiding our clients toward making Change that Matters while contributing to the growth of the world’s third largest economy.

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