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A great deal of the personal satisfaction I get out of my career at McKinsey comes from the job’s heavy focus on people and teamwork.

As a senior in college, I had the option of joining McKinsey or returning to the investment bank where I spent my summer. I chose McKinsey because it could provide exposure to a broader range of business experiences and CEO-level issues. McKinsey’s Dallas office had a close-knit feel and gave me the opportunity to be near family in Texas. After my time as a Business Analyst, I worked in the private equity and media industries. Then I returned to McKinsey upon graduation from business school.

My experience now that I’m back at McKinsey has exceeded expectations. I have learned about a wide range of industries, including retail, basic materials, and enterprise technology. The work often deals with the top challenges facing some of the world’s leading companies. Just as importantly, I have learned how to effectively manage teams of high performing clients and McKinsey colleagues.

A great deal of the personal satisfaction that I get out of my career at McKinsey comes from the job’s heavy focus on people and teamwork. Excellent client service ultimately centers on helping individuals do their jobs better. This is true for both clients and colleagues. The dual roles of client counselor and McKinsey mentor can be challenging, but I find it very rewarding to help others succeed in their careers.

I spend most of my time outside of client service on people development. Twice a year, I serve as faculty for our week-long Business Analyst Training (BAT) program. BAT is a great opportunity to connect with Business Analysts from across the Americas. I often learn as much as they do over the course of the week. On the other end of the spectrum, the partners in Dallas are great mentors who have taken a strong personal interest in helping develop my career at McKinsey.

Recruiting is my other “extracurricular” at McKinsey. I am deeply involved in our efforts to attract talented individuals to the Southern Office. And what’s not to like? Our consultants enjoy low cost of living in growing, lifestyle-friendly cities. I have found a true home in Dallas, and I look forward to welcoming future colleagues to the Southern Office.


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