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Product Manager, New York
An exciting career path took Kasia from a tech giant to a start up and a role in a government agency to a rewarding role in McKinsey, building technology that solves real business challenges.

Get To Know Kasia

My work is fast paced, project based, and driven by real business questions. I find it fulfilling personally and professionally.

I studied physics at Harvard, and then accepted a position in communications at a major corporation. However, I wanted to be involved early in the product development pipeline, so I moved on to lead the product organization at a start up using AI and modeling to identify holes in consumer lending.

From there, I served as a project lead for the media lab of a renowned university. After several years there, I worked with federal agencies to improve government technology for the American public.

Honing expertise and passion in healthcare

My experiences sparked my interest in healthcare, and through McKinsey, I am growing my expertise and actively working to positively impact the industry.

As a product manager on the healthcare systems and services team, I work with engineers, designers, and subject-matter experts to build and maintain a big data platform that enables consultants to draw quick and powerful insights they use to help our clients.

For example, we recently introduced a new platform during the COVID-19 pandemic that makes global data and analyses available to our consulting teams on a daily, sometimes hourly, basis. This results in quick, analytical insights that would have taken clients a month to develop on their own. During a pandemic, every day counts.

A new perception of tech work

People may assume to work in technology you must join a big-tech company. For me, it’s been challenging and rewarding to become a technologist at a firm focused on business strategy. Here we make technology that solves problems, but we also help shape the way clients think about technology and use it to improve the ways we all live and work. My work is fast paced, project based, and driven by real business questions. I find it fulfilling personally and professionally. My work involves a lot of user-centric design, user interviews, and prototyping. I work alongside engineers and designers within an agile framework with two-week sprints. Whether we’re passing notebooks back and forth with our data scientists or prototyping data-visualization applications, our teams move nimbly in lock step across the healthcare organization so we can collaborate to solve challenging issues together and on a rapid timeline.

More about me

I’m a member of GLAM, McKinsey’s global LGBTQ+ network, and Asians at McKinsey, our Asian and Asian–American community. I am a long-distance cyclist, birdwatcher, and freelance documentary producer. I produced a short narrative film about the intersecting lives of a school teacher and a young boy, and it premiered at Sundance 2020.


Harvard University

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