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Data Scientist, Moscow
Daria wasn’t convinced McKinsey would offer a true data-scientist experience. But several meaningful projects later, she uses analytics and building models to drive transformative changes for our clients and is convinced she made the right move.

Get To Know Daria

My work includes data-driven decisions that can change lives. I can proudly say I contribute to make people’s lives better.

I was born in Moldova, but eight years ago, I moved to Russia for studies. I received a bachelor’s and master’s in physics.

Both my parents are physics teachers, and math and physics have always appealed to me. Once I realized I had a knack for exact sciences, I started participating in contests and won. McKinsey was one of the organizers of a Hackathon I joined and that is how my hiring process started.

When I first joined McKinsey about a year and a half ago, I was interning at P&G and had been offered a full-time data scientist job there. However, I declined the offer and chose to intern at McKinsey.

McKinsey surprised me

I did not know if there was real data science inside McKinsey. I thought consulting would be mostly business and management, with data science being less than 30 percent of the work I’d do.

I was wrong. Eighty percent of my work is data science.

I was surprised and impressed by the level of expertise here and by how the firm aggregates the best talent and practices.

Making impact right away

My first project was on geodata analytics, and I had never seen or heard about geodata types, packages, and processing principles. I thought I would need a couple weeks to do the work, but we had days to finish.

A senior data scientist stepped in to bring me up to speed in a matter of hours, and I was able to get results in three days. It’s indicative of the supportive atmosphere here. Tasks can be complicated and not totally clear at first, and that is when you truly feel your colleagues’ support.

Since then, I’ve worked on other meaningful projects, including a city public-transport project where we used analytics and models to build a strategy.

It’s an amazing feeling to read the news that a station or transport connection is open and know our team was part of it. Data-driven decisions we made changed lives, and I can proudly say I work to make people’s lives better.

When I'm not working

I love yoga, and I am a passionate dancer. I practice tango often—and even married my tango partner. I love to visit galleries, museums, and theaters.


Skolkovo Institute of Science and Technology
Applied mathematics

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