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Updates on my L2 program and our McKinsey Women in Implementation group

– Hi everyone,

I hope you’ve all had a nice spring! It’s been a great last few months, and especially the past few weeks, as I’m excited to announce that I’ve been promoted to Implementation Leader! This is the McKinsey Implementation equivalent of an Engagement Manager (EM), which means I’m the lead on studies and get to shape the direction of the team and the overall strategy we take when approaching the problem at hand.

L2 in pharma

As I mentioned in an earlier post, I’m in the L2 program, focusing on PMP (pharmaceuticals and medical products) work. I’ve done several projects for biotech companies, including some who are prelaunch (meaning they are pre-FDA-approval), and I recently worked on an interesting go-to-market strategy for a different biotech. It’s pretty exciting to work with companies who straddle the pharma and tech world, and are bringing innovative, impactful products to patients.

The fun McKinsey Implementation crew at the New York office Values Day event 

Many pharma companies are working on understanding and improving the patient journey, and I’ve worked on several projects focused on making the patient experience better—from diagnosis to insurance to treatment. It’s been really rewarding to work on projects that can make such a positive impact in peoples’ lives, and exciting to see how much pharmaceutical companies are investing in improving patient experience and driving better outcomes.

Stingrays in the Bahamas

I haven’t travelled much recently since there are so many pharma companies and clients in the New York tri-state area, but I did have a project back in the Atlanta area a couple months ago. Since I’m from outside Atlanta, it was great to spend some time there and see family.

Women in the Workplace

Along other lines, I wanted to share a study conducted by McKinsey, which has really resonated with me: our recent Women in the Workplace report. I think it’s exciting to see data quantifying unconscious bias, because it’s much easier to work to solve a problem that can be tracked for impact! McKinsey is incredibly supportive of inclusivity initiatives, including one nearest and dearest to me, Women in McKinsey Implementation (WiMI).

The view from my hotel room in the Bahamas

We’ve recently expanded the steering committee for WiMI to drive more initiatives and get much needed support from some awesome women. We’re setting up small group (6-10) professional development classes for women of the same tenure. We’ve also been working on increasing connectivity in general—since we travel a lot and work with different teams for every project, this can be elusive, but we’re working on it! We’ve increased digital connectivity within our network and we’re also pushing for Implementation women to have more of a presence at big meetings, events, etc.

Beaching it

Jet-skiing in Bermuda

On a personal note, I’ve had some fun travel recently. I’ve had a few great trips over the past few months: St. Maarten, Bahamas and Bermuda (can you tell I love the beach?). I also recently attended a good McKinsey friend’s wedding in Greenville, SC. I’ve had a few fun internal McKinsey events as well—we had Values Day a couple weeks ago, plus this week I’m headed to the U.K. for a week-long training program in Cambridge! Will be a hectic, but exciting, summer!

Hope you all have a great summer!

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Lindsey earned her undergraduate degree in industrial and systems engineering at Georgia Tech and a masters in supply chain management from Penn State. She joined McKinsey as an experienced hire in Chicago with several years of work experience and has since coached clients across numerous industries. As a member of our McKinsey Implementation practice, Lindsey's client work often focuses on long-term sustainability and capability building. She has enjoyed the opportunity to travel frequently and explore new cities, including her new home city of New York.