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Transitioning to an Engagement Manager role

– Hi everyone,

As I sit down to write this post, I am realizing we are already in November—I can’t believe how time has flown since my last update in January! I’m gearing up for the start of my favorite time of year … the holidays.

Since my last update, I’ve continued to work primarily in the healthcare systems and services practice at various points along the value chain. I’ve also been able to work closely with our healthcare analytics and solutions teams and have been amazed at the new tools and services we’re developing to help better understand our clients’ performance and how the healthcare market is evolving. I transitioned to the Engagement Manager role this spring/summer, which has been an incredibly rewarding experience and really challenged me to grow as a leader.

I’ve been fortunate to have several mentors really lean in to show me the ropes and offer coaching as I settle into the role, and I love the team development aspect of being an EM. For example, on my last project (an all-star team of women leaders: two female Associate Partners (APs) and me, the EM), each AP took the time for one on one coaching and feedback sessions every two weeks, and spent several evenings over dinner discussing my path at the firm. They've both been great sounding boards for challenges and successes and have shared aspects of their journey at McKinsey (both in the healthcare sector and in the EM role).

The stunning view from our Chicago office

Most recently, I’ve been working in the Philadelphia area, which—in addition to a visit to the city from the Pope in the middle of our project (!) and being able to explore the amazing food scene with my team—allowed me to spend more time with my twin sister, Kathleen, who is a doctor in the area. I continue to appreciate how the travel with McKinsey often brings me near friends and family I otherwise wouldn’t see as often.

Next week, I’m heading to California for a week of training focused on helping consultants make a successful transition to the Engagement Manager role. I’m excited to meet a new group of colleagues at similar points in their McKinsey careers and to share and learn from our joint experiences. Not to mention, I always find taking a week to get back to McKinsey fundamentals and reflect on my journey quite re-energizing.

With my family on vacation over the July 4 holiday

Once back from training, I’ll kick off a new project and I’m looking forward to continuing my focus on healthcare. And lastly, I have lots of family trips coming up in the near future. I’ll be in New York City for Thanksgiving with my significant other and his family, and then headed up to western New York for Christmas with my family—hopefully complete with lots of skiing, if the weather is in our favor!

Wishing everyone a wonderful start to the holiday season.



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Mhoire began her McKinsey career as a business analyst in our Detroit office after graduating from Duke University with a BSE in biomedical engineering. Prior to taking an educational leave of absence to earn her MBA at Harvard Business School, she spent a year in our Washington, DC office as a Social Sector fellow. She is now an associate partner serving clients across a broad range of industries, most recently health care payor and providers. In her spare time, she's an avid tennis player and skier who also enjoys photography, travel, and time with friends and family.