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– Hi readers,

The last few weeks have been super busy and interesting, so I thought I'd blog about them as perhaps an extreme example of consulting life. ;)

I'm managing two fantastic projects at the moment. Both are about the transition to cleaner energy systems, precisely the topic I'm passionate about. Over the last three weeks I have bounced between London and Oslo for my projects, with additional trips to Barcelona and Germany—although I'm actually writing this post from our Stuttgart office. One week, I had a flight every day. Customs officers started to give me a funny look with comments such as, "So you left Oslo yesterday, and now you're back already?" and "Wow, you must really love Europe."

Enjoying shopping and tea with a friend

The Barcelona trip is worth a special mention. I was part of an organizing team for a client conference we hosted for European power utilities. The subject of the conference was essentially the future of the industry, which is currently in a lot of turmoil. We had a fantastic group of clients and McKinsey partners, with companies represented from all over Europe, including Iceland, Russia, and even the Middle East. Our partners gave some really interesting presentations on the current hot topics for the sector, and I think everyone had a good time. Barcelona is of course a great place to host an event. I stuck around an extra day to get some time on the beach!

Also of note, last week I attended a special awards event on behalf of the London office. McKinsey has just been listed in “The Times Top 50 Places to Work for Women.” As I help manage the women's initiative in the London office, I was invited for the awards dinner.

In short, life has been very busy, but also very good. I am enjoying everything that I do, and it's nice to feel that I have more and more ownership over my career. I'm really setting my own direction, pursuing the topics that I love, and as we say internally, "making my own McKinsey".

Until next time,


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Kimberly’s expertise in environmental science and economic policy has carried her from nonprofit work in South Africa to an associate position in McKinsey’s São Paulo office to a secondment with the Global Commission on the Economy and Climate. Now an associate partner based in our Chicago office, she is a committed member of our cleantech practice, following her passion for renewable energy and addressing climate change. Interested in more on this topic? Follow Kimberly on LinkedIn and Twitter.