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The adventures of an Implementation Coach

– Hello everyone, and welcome to 2016—marking a new year of progress for McKinsey Implementation and women at the firm!

Who is Lindsey outside of McKinsey?

Don’t let my interest in mathematics and my degree in industrial and systems engineering from Georgia Tech fool you—I’m an avid explorer who loves traveling and the outdoors. From petting tigers in Thailand to exploring the Amazon in Bolivia, adventuring is something I can’t get enough of. I also love murder mysteries and shows like Law & Order and CSI (except for CSI: Miami). My favorite book is Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None.

In Seattle with friends, en route to Bainbridge Island

Since I love traveling, I intentionally aim for projects outside of Chicago. I’ve had a lot of fun exploring new cities in the past year. Most recently, I was working in the Phoenix/Scottsdale region—great restaurants, beautiful weather, and personable residents have made it a wonderful area to work in.

I recently took a weekend trip to Seattle with friends, visited my parents and their wonderful dog Ollie in Georgia for Thanksgiving, and went to Cancun with my father for a basketball tournament.

A rainy day in New York didn't put a damper on our exploring

As I write this, I am on the train from New York with my sisters and mother to visit our family in Rhode Island. On Saturday I will meet a couple of friends in Panama for some beach time in Kuna Yala, tour the Panama Canal, and celebrate the New Year in Panama City.

Exciting project work

Regarding my project work, I am enjoying being a bit more experimental and trying out new industries. I’ve been on projects lasting two to four months, which is great because I’ve completed many different client engagements in my first year. My projects have had quite the variety: maintenance in railroad, lean transformation in animal health manufacturing, healthcare strategy and implementation in accounting and finance, and finally, healthcare supply chain.

Team fun outside the office

I also like to make sure my project teams have fun, to avoid the stereotype of consulting being all work and no play—because McKinsey is not your average consulting firm.

At the Cardinals game

We’ve had all sorts of great team activities across my projects this past year: dinners, luminaries at the botanical gardens, “escape the room” events, a Minnesota Twins game, an Arizona Cardinals game, and even a Rolling Stones concert!

I look forward to my next blog post, where I’ll dig into my experiences at McKinsey: interviewing candidates, involvement in MI, supporting women’s initiatives, and being on the technology council!

I hope you all enjoyed the holidays and ringing in the New Year. I’m new to the McKinsey women’s blog and excited to share my experiences with you!



About the blogger

Implementation Leader


Lindsey earned her undergraduate degree in industrial and systems engineering at Georgia Tech and a masters in supply chain management from Penn State. She joined McKinsey as an experienced hire in Chicago with several years of work experience and has since coached clients across numerous industries. As a member of our McKinsey Implementation practice, Lindsey's client work often focuses on long-term sustainability and capability building. She has enjoyed the opportunity to travel frequently and explore new cities, including her new home city of New York.