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Same clients, different functional area

Globe trotting and new horizons

– While I've spent most of my career in consumer goods, I usually work on revenue growth projects. I was intrigued by the possibility of approaching the same clients from a different functional area. I'm usually thick as thieves with the marketing and strategy teams at my clients. Now, I'm specifically looking for experiences with other parts of the business. Last year, I did a procurement engagement to better understand ops and supply chain considerations. And this current project is organization work for a fast growing company, preparing itself for its next stage of growth. In essence, a global merger.

At Legoland

This breaks some of my personal travel rules—no connecting flights and no international travel—but I was really interested in working with Sara and Jo, two senior leaders in our Organization practice. The team was rounded out with Andrew, a rock star associate making his transition to engagement manager, and two amazing summer associates, Liya and Heidi. Even better, both Liya and Heidi enjoyed their summers and will be joining us full-time when they graduate!

On a Ferris wheel in Atlanta

We had some pretty amazing times on the project, including a visit to Legoland while we were in San Diego for a workshop, an "Escape the Room" excursion, and riding the Atlanta Ferris wheel. Sometimes at the end of a client engagements, we have team cartoons created to celebrate the most memorable moments of each project. We had one of the best team cartoons ever, including Andrew's many, many gingham shirts, Heidi's memorable description of that show about hoarders ("you know, that show where people eat couch cushions and stuff"), Jo's insatiable hunger for Vietnamese takeout, and more.

Summer of love and travel
Having fun at one of many weddings

This truly was a summer of travel. In addition to the global merger project, Emily and I were also blessed with 13 wedding invites this summer—an unlucky number for a most lucky and auspicious occasion. With all the travel and double bookings of other weddings, engagement celebrations and bachelorette parties, we were able to make seven of the weddings. Somehow, none of those weddings were in Philadelphia, so it truly was a "have suitcase, will travel" summer for us.

Plus, Emily was on the planning committee for McKinsey's annual summer conference, so I had the honor of attending as an SO (significant other). It was a wonderful reunion to see friends from all over the globe in Miami.

Fun side projects

I've had some fun opportunities to do non-client work in the past few months. First, I was invited to moderate a brainstorming session at the Forbes "Under 30" summit. It was a fun session working with Paul and Ed, the founders of Bayes Impact. Bayes Impact is non-profit founded by data scientists who are look for public and social sector projects to apply cutting edge big data approaches. They're developing the next phase of their strategy. Bayes is based in Silicon Valley, so their distance from the East Coast has made it difficult for them to meet the right people for their dream projects. Since I met them, they seem to keep coming up in other conversations. For example, I was chatting with Henry, a partner in the Philadelphia office. He's leading a team starting a new public sector project and could use their expertise, so I'm going to connect them.

At the Forbes summit with the STEM bunnies

It was a wonderful and inspiring conference to see so many young movers and shakers. I even met a 12-year old running an Angora rabbit farm called "STEM Bunnies," and I got a photo with one of the furriest and cutest attendees.

The summer went by in a flash. Until next time!



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